Oct 2009

Report 14Ashes to rust

Rain. Cleanser of cities, cover of evil, natural phenomenon of immense importance (because it makes grass grow). And it doesn't make zombies very happy. I've noticed that Rob makes mostly use of his sense of smell. His sight is good enough to avoid things, but not good enough to track anything. And sound, while still playing some role, just isn't good enough to find a human hiding in a small alcove beneath the stairs of an almost collapsed apartment building. I'm sure she was tasty, Rob mostly picked her bones clean as he devoured the rest.

I wonder if the change in zombie's physiology has something to do with the need to eat. They do fall apart faster if they don't eat, so that must mean that some part of their body still functions to break down other (fresher) material. Does that mean a zombie can be poisoned as well? That seems somewhat unlikely. Their bodies have returned to a much simpler state, the minds raging and almost reverted to an animal intuition, displayed in their reactions.

The rain. It's made Rob very edgy, he's much less calm and deliberate in his movements. As if his existence has suddenly been cut loose from the thread it was dangling on. Not panicking, as such, just skittish and jumpy. The latter, actually, exemplified conveniently when a piece of masonry fell from a building, causing him to pounce on it from quite a distance away. He seemed disappointed that no bounty was rewarded for this feat.

Apparently, my driver thought it a better idea to get out of the rain and take shelter, something I didn't mind at all. We don't want me to rust, do we? We'll just have to see what secrets this building offers. The rush of the rain outside covering most sounds, Rob seemed more at ease now that he could smell things again. A direction was soon found, I wonder what we'll see next.

Keep looking!