Oct 2009

Report 15Mostly harmful

The city was a maze. But, contrary to the maze underground, this one had many gorgeous views from the high buildings and plenty of food walking around. Sometimes even two in one building. Rob really had speed as his advantage, as so far none were particularly good at hitting him with anything. It was a privilege to have the first row seat at the carnage special.

We did come across some things that I personally found very exciting. While most of the victims had surveying materials of a non-electronic nature (like binoculars and a notepad), some actually had things like infra-red cameras and night-vision goggles. And they all appeared to be functional! Of the notes I was able to read, I learned that they were truly studying the movements of most normal zombies, to see if there is a pattern to them other than the blindingly obvious 'looking for food'.

And, strangely enough, there appeared to be.

One of the notes mentioned that they almost move like a hive-mind at times. That zombies of similar type tend to move in automatic groups even if they're not even in sight of each other. Unfortunately, I couldn't read the rest as the feasting on the pad's previous owner was rather splattering and covered the whole thing in gore. And here is me without a handkerchief, or hands for that matter.

One thing had me slightly worried in all of this. If they were organized and intelligent, both things that appeared to be the case so far, wouldn't they have noticed the disappearances of their colleagues and a fast zombie moving through the streets and buildings. Oh, speaking of fast moving, Rob is able to jump from building to building, as long as there's only an alley in between and the height difference isn't too terrible. Fun times!

We're entering the center of the city soon. I'm half-expecting there to be some kind of research building that would explain all this curious curiosity towards zombies. Pity Rob doesn't have a suit to wear for such an occasion, if we do find them of course. But, we continue to move forward, and up on occasion.

Keep looking!