Nov 2009

Report 16Huntered

Hunting is a curious thing. Usually it's like a game where one chases the other, hide and seek (or run) with a tasty end. However, in some rare occasions the hunter becomes the prey. This was one such a case. I knew that Rob had smelled a person not too far away and climbed the side of the building to reach him (or her). Speaking of women, we don't actually get to see much of them around. Perhaps they are more in hiding or a lot of them died out during the bad days. Who knows?

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. The important thing is that somehow, they not only knew this zombie was coming but had prepared in a rather unconventional way; With a thick, padded net. Why this surprised me greatly is that they had gone through the effort of padding a net so that they could capture a zombie without ripping it to shreds. Using a normal thin rope or steel wire net would have gruesome consequences. Of course people usually desired those consequences as a net was a very neat way to cut their life short, so to speak. Oh, and rather messy.

It meant that we were trapped.

And instead of using the time to horribly maul, cut or slaughter Rob, they hauled him into a cage and moved him. With me on it. They'd captured us! And, at least so it would appear, it wasn't to get readily rid of Rob but to keep him as a pet. Or maybe a guinea pig. A very large, fast, deadly and slightly disgusting guinea pig. It seems as if they are intending to keep us.

A little to my surprise though not completely against expectations, I noticed some other zombies in captivity as they hauled us into their complex. But they were all slow zombies or, as I'd like to call them, stale zombies. They didn't look all that bad but the cage they were in was well built. If the place we were put was equally solid, it wouldn't be easy to get out. Ah well, at least we got out of the rain.

But not out of trouble.