Nov 2009

Report 17Trial

Tests! Oh I do so love tests. Nothing is more fun than looking at different shapes and color and trying to fit them. However, it's a little bit of a challenge getting a zombie to do it. It's not that it lacks the mental capacity, as such. But try and keep a zombie's attention for anything other than a growl. The major problem with zombies is not so much their intelligence as it is their attention span. I've seen Rob doing amazing feats just by judging situations and attacking people, but it was all stuff that happened in a split second.

Of course this was attempted by 'live bait' at the end of every course. They went through great lengths to test the abilities of Rob, noting his speed and agility. It was only a matter of time until they would try to improve it. And they tried. After perhaps ten days, or eleven, they started to inject stuff into him or getting samples. Most of it had no effect, but some of it improved (or restored) Rob's mental capacities to such an extent that he was able to talk.

And more...

In fact, it very much looked like his intelligence was either changing or re-becoming to a level where he realized that acting dumb would make it easier to escape. They'd done something else as well, because they were (as I overheard) experimenting with the regenerative effects the zombie virus could have. As, for example, it could increase muscle strength quite a bit in some strains, perhaps it could be used for healing. It wasn't very effective yet, but it would be something of great interest in the future.

Speaking of things of great interest, they gave me a polish. The one redressing the zombies, probably to get rid of a lot of smell, found my presence intriguing and, rather than throwing me away, just gave me a shine and put me back. It appeared they saw me as an amusing odd accessory to a rotten face.

At least I'm shiny again.

Keep looking!