Dec 2009

Report 18Fire

The plot thickens. Not just the plot either, the air in here is possibly rancid. I'm not sure what they are giving Rob to eat, but it's giving him a severe case of gas. And I don't mean farts, I mean apparently flammable gasses have started to emit from his body. Sometimes it does seem to build up in his stomach, though, and his burps near open flames have causes some interesting flash-fires, roasting random eyebrows.

It earned Rob the nickname of dragon.

Speaking of speaking, I don't think these people realize that I am perfectly able to understand what they're saying. So far, I've learned that they're doing tests on zombies for the bettering of mankind. Not mankind as a whole, of course, it's not really that altruistic. Just mankind specifically in the shape of this group of people, wanting to use the zombies as hunters, workers or soldiers. Low cost, low maintenance, high power.

Now I don't know about you, but seeing a zombie with a rake is hilarious.

Mostly because the rake ended up in the face of one of the researchers. Poor guy, had to have bandages on him for a few days. At least he didn't get bitten like his colleague. They had to move him to the other side of the glass. Not that anyone but his colleagues would even have noticed. Ironically, he did get a little bit more attention from his female colleagues now that he was a study-subject.

Pity he didn't realize.

Regardless of all the fun it is in here, it won't be long until Rob will escape. They are planning a live field test with the lot of us and, I think, they haven't realized that Rob has become a lot smarter over the course of all this testing. He just has to be careful not to explode in gaseous fumes.

He says hi, by the way.

Keep looking!