Jan 2010

Report 19Shoveled

Right, the live field test. They might as well have called it a live fire exercise. At least their intentions were good enough, the location was perfect, but the buffet was sorely lacking. Most of it consisted of old buildings they had fenced off, to prevent the lot of us escaping, with some additions here and there to make it more useful. After dumping us in the middle of it, there was no other way to put it, we looked around to find various implements (think of shovels, rakes, sabers, spoons, that kind of thing) at our disposal. Likely to investigate the response of each individual.

Our efforts must surely have surpassed their expectations.

A shovel and a rake struck together can make interesting sparks. Sparks which, when fueled by flammable gases, can provide an interesting light-effect. And, even better, when those flames are aimed at other heat-adoring materials, they can provide a dense smoke effect. This occluded us from sight quite successfully, especially considering zombies themselves provide no body heat, thus all the cameras were normal ones.

Run Rob, Run!

They might have underestimated Rob and the other fast zombies' jump abilities a little bit. The fence was two floors high and electrified. This was high enough if it hadn't been for the buildings nearby, making it possible, with a bit of a run, to jump over it. Even more interesting is that Rob managed to do this with a saber in hand. Those guys really lost their heads on this one, eventually.

Free at last, one would think.

This was not the case. While he did indeed manage to slay a lot of the researchers and assistants, some security squad was posted nearby with tranquilizer pistols. Or, of we want to get technical, neural inhibitor darts. As Rob passed out (read: unable to move, which amounts to the same thing but with probably more consciousness) one of the leading figures appeared to be quite interested in him. Back to the higher security drawing board. Their darts raised an interesting question though, as their presence denotes a too high level of preparation.

Had it all been just a test?

We'll see...

Keep looking!